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    Monday -- Friday  AM: 8£º30-11£º20  PM: 13£º30-16£º20
If you come here for the first time:
    First please read file query notice . If you don't know the adress,please look up Archives's position.
    If you want to find the files on line:
    You can click open files,current files, access to related materials.
    If you want to come here to look up the files:
    Please observe the "Foreign organizations and individuals using archives material guidelines"

Foreign organizations and individuals using archives material guidelines

    According to The measures for the implementation of the archives law of the People's Republic of China and national Archives 's rule, Make this guidelines ,
    1. Foreign organizations and individuals holding effective certificate, if allowed,please use the files.
    2.According to the province, the city government and its work with the department of cultural exchange agreement signed on ,the person who letter want to come here, can hold the introduction letter , three days in advance to its present an application. Explain the purpose and the scope of the identity and use of the archives . You can use the files after allowed.
    3.At any time for you to Collect personal and family's history proves.
    4.If Foreign organizations and individuals want to use the deposited archives, asking the option of checker's and then decided whether provide the archives.
    5.If Foreign organizations and individuals want to copy the archives, please fill out the application form. If the director approved, we will deal with your problem.
    6. Foreign organizations and individuals to extract and copy the files, If not inconsistent with the regulations,you can reference in the writings. But are not allowed to be published in any other form. Reference in the writings, Shall indicate the Harbin Municipal Archives and Ref. Archives encourage the use of the writings of those who presented written or other academic achievements.